Sunday School


Our Sunday School time takes place following our worship service. During this time we begin with an opening that involves all grades. This is a great way for the older kids to act as mentors for the younger ones and gets everyone involved. We talk, we sing, and we teach the fundamentals of prayer and explain why we do the things we do during our worship service. The children enjoy this time and bring their prayer concerns or praises happily each week.


Following our opening, we split into different age groups. The lessons are age appropriate and interactive. Our lessons are centered around the Holy Trinity- In children’s terms that is God created us, Jesus loves us and the Holy Spirit takes care of us. This expression of our faith is shared with the children in everything we do.


The children often are involved in our worship service or special programs such as our annual Christmas program.


At Martha and Mary, we consider the children to be a very important part of our congregation. As Jesus said, “Let the children come”.

Childrens Sermon


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